To simplify mobile search for people on the go, and empower them with knowledge to use in new and unfamiliar surroundings so they can love their experiences more. 


We believe that whether you are running around town or travelling for work or leisure, you shouldn’t have to plan where to go, ask for recommendations or wonder what to do. But rather, the smartphone in your pocket can bring the information, places to go and things to do simply by snapping a photo of a place. At PHIND, we aren't just building a vehicle to search, but instead, creating disruptive technology that truly creates better experiences.


Our goal at PHIND is to create more smiles with each discovery. This also happens to be the essence of our company.  

Our Mission

Our Team

We are a team of highly dedicated passionate warriors, and we love building cool things that truly make a difference in people's lives. We are big dreamers and even bigger executers. We are committed to enhancing people's experiences when on the go by creating an amazing mobile app. Oh, and did we mention, we LOVE to travel.